This project aims to put together some cool kernel patches which is not currently approved by Linus. It does not mean they are useless, or betas. There are many out here which gives you more features in many areas; including but not limited to: security, hardware drivers, journaling filesystems. Currently I support only kernel version 2.4, but if there is a big need, I may support version 2.6 as well.

But I think it would be better to include other good patches, as the previous collection proven rock stable.

Now, you can download them at once, and apply them to the vanilla kernel. As the stability is one of the main goal of this project, you do not lose anything, just enjoy the extra functionality! So, if you ever experience any problems related to this kernel patch, please report it, and I will try to resove it as fast as possible.

This project is hosted at . Many thanks for their support! logo Please visit them.